IS IT OKAY TO BE FAT? by Aremo Olalekan

That girl is fat!
“You will eat yourself to death soon!”
“Real women have got curves”

I bet you have heard this at one time or the other if you are of the plus size body shape and yeah, I know it can get at you a times. I’ve met a couple of ladies who will go on to starve themselves in the bid to ‘slim down’.
Now let me ask you, who said that the slim body means a healthy body? Let me first debunk the last of the clichés at the beginning of this article, “Real women have curves”, no, I disagree, real women have got Christ and compassion!
See, I’m sure you might have heard someone tell you that “God created you beautifully and wonderfully made”, (Though it’s fearfully and wonderfully made the scripture uses), and yes it true. God did not make a mistake creating you the way you are. Allow me share a secret with you, a young lady once shared with me how she used to make her friend feel bad about her teeth. The catch actually was that this friend had a great set of teeth, way better than hers so the way she can make herself feel better is by making the friend with the great set of teeth feel insecure about herself. She did this, until this friend started to cover her teeth in public whenever she had to laugh! Ironic right?
A times the things that people mock you about are the things they admire about you and wish they had, but when they can’t get it, they go on to needle you about it. So you are plus size, so what? Does that stop you from reaching for your life goals? Does that stop you from attaining the level of accomplishment that God has destined for you?
Stop wishing you had the body of this celebrities you see in cover pages of magazines, it’s a total waste of time. Now let me strike the balance, if you check your BMI, and you are certified healthy by your doctor and you still feel you want to trim down, please by all means do. Cut down all unhealthy eating habit, workout as wisely as you can and enjoy your body. Just ensure that you are not doing this to please anyone, because most likely you’ll meet someone else who would say they prefer you to how you were before, some will meet you after the trimming down and ask if you were ill.
What’s the point of this article? While you are working to burn your body fat, enjoy your body. Don’t allow people decide the way you perceive yourself.
If you are part of the population of people that like to pull others down or talk bad about their body for whatever reason you have, its best you stop it. If you want to help, please do, and if not, just keep your thoughts to yourself.
“When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise” 2Corinthinans 10:12

Why Worry?
It is no news that ladies worry a lot. They worry about everything ranging from their hair color to their body shape to the type of spouse they would want to high grade. They worry about being accepted amongst peers and parents as well as self-discovery. A study I came across some time ago shows that the only things guys worry about more that girls is succeeding in their physical activities.
Worrying can steal your useful time which is why it is important to ensure that you stop worrying. I want to share five things to do that can help you stop worrying.

Identify and Deal.
Different ladies have different reason why they worry, it is important that it is identified and dealt with. The reasons range from wanting to be accepted by others, uncertainty or fear of the future. Whatever your reason is identify and deal with it accordingly. If you find yourself worrying a lot about being accepted by friends, it is time for you to spend more time with yourself and discover the wealth God has deposited in you. With a Godly insight of how God sees you, it will change the way you see yourself thereby erasing the craving for acceptability by your peers because now you know they do not define you.

Inform yourself.
If you discover you are worried about a particular disease, e.g. cancer, you could read up about cancer, see what habits could lead to having it. With a well-informed view of the subject matter, worry will definitely be nipped in the bud.

Iron it out.
Voice out your worries and fears to someone. Talk to your parents, talk to your coach, mentor or counselor, it helps you see things the way they really are.

Writing helps de-stress. You could write all your worries out. It helps gather your thoughts together.

“Who amongst you by worrying can increase…?”
“Be anxious for nothing, but with prayer and thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God”
Rather than invite insomnia or unnecessary unrest, learn to lay your heart burdens at the feet of the master no matter how silly they seem, like the way the new boy looks at you in class. Learn to talk to God about your worries, it will pay off!

God wants us to have a fulfilled life, don’t allow the devil tamper with your life by making you dwell on fears and worries. Attack it!
Stay free!

Aremo Olalekan

Aremo Olalekan is a lover of God and people. He is a life coach, blogger, writer and speaker. He has a God-driven passion to be a blessing to females, hence he is the convener of HMC, a female-oriented conference.


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