DISTORTIONS by Ajise Vincent


tonight, cherubs sit
mourning the decay of our present.
truth’s conscience craves
for the baptism of fire.
we are now an E-congregation
swallowed by the euphoria of modernism;
a generation encapsulated in the aura of villainy.
for the sacredness of our cathedral
has been bartered for mammons,
who now smoke cannabis
on the pulpit of our sanctity.


Beneath the penumbra of stark meekness
Sits sincere love experiencing numbness,
Sorting for a mind painted with care’s hue
A soul to whom sooth had not bid adieu

Lo! His crucible is all of disenchantment
As all had left the aged chaste testament
And taken fruits of discord and cattiness
Instead of redolences of agape’s fondness

Mortals now akin to feral beasts of hate
Ready to ravage another for riches’ trait
Their veins plagued with earthly glee
That curbs love and credence to spree

Why sit here? O ye love, the begat of care,
Watching this adore that wrath now fare
Go spread thy epistolaries of serenity
So all can eat the rewards of thy sincerity


Ajise Vincent is a Nigerian Poet who derives utility from the smell of coffee, the erraticism of nature & the dynamism of solitude. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.


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